Leveling Up Your Dance Game with Performance


Learning to master a skill such as dance is no small feat. This is one reason why it's so much fun to show off all of those fancy moves out on a well-populated dance floor. You've earned your chops. So, have you ever considered taking it one step further, to perform in the lights in front of a live audience?

Dance Performances

For many dancers, there comes a time when classes, lessons and the weekly social dance becomes the gateway to quenching a deep creative thirst. Choosing to participate in a competitive or performance experience, whether as a one time pursuit or a lifetime endeavor, aids in sharpening those movement skills all around. In the spotlight, missteps can be highlighted, but so too can your shine and showmanship.

Giving a performance can be the time of one's life. Many seasoned professionals can tell you that each moment on stage is precious. Stage fright is a factor for many, but certainly not insurmountable. So don't sweat it. A little adrenaline is good for the soul! 

Ballroom Dance Lessons

In ballroom dance, mastery of the movement is only the beginning. A fine tuned sense of the other person's position and moment-to-moment intention is required in order to dance successfully with another person. Couple that with the narrative of your dance and your costuming, and you are looking at a multi-faceted form of performance art that is born to share.

Performance art is not for everyone, of course. But if you find yourself drawn closer to the lights, you could benefit from the thrill of the stage. At Quick Quick Slow Dance Studio, we offer a variety of opportunities from classes and lessons to showcases. Check out our events page for more details! 

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