You’re Reading This Because You Just Gotta Dance!


It's in your DNA

We know you "gotta dance" because dancing is in your DNA.  It's an essential part of being human.  A baby wiggles to the beat, even the wallflower taps his feet.  Nothing makes us feel better than moving to the music.

Come on, admit it!

Whether you're driving in your car, or putting it all out there on the dance floor.  When you hear that song and feel that beat, you want to get up, grab a partner, and dance!

We feel the same way at Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dancing.  Dancing is an important part of our lives.  It's part of our heritage, our culture, our customs, and traditions.  For generations, we've watched Lawrence Welk, American Bandstand, and Dancing with the Stars.  Sure, we love to see the best dancers sweep across the dance floor, but it goes deeper than that.  Each of us wants to get our own groove on!  And when dance is partnered with music, the food of love, look out! We can feel invincible out there on the floor, as if there is nothing we can't do.

So, why not feed that yearning with lessons?  You may have discovered the powers of dance a long time ago, or you're feeling that itch for the first time.  Either way, we can take you to the next level, and even beyond your expectations.

What have you got to lose?

Inhibitions maybe. You'll gain a whole lot more when you discover the world of ballroom dancing.  Check out our introductory special.

Dancing will always be a part of your life, so let us be a part of yours and contact us today.  Whether you want to compete at a professional level, or dance because it makes you feel good, we've got the class for you.

So, may we have the next dance?