Paso Doble: The Ultimate Drama

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Paso Doble: The Ultimate Drama

The lady enters the dance floor in shimmering cascades of frill. Stomping her feet like a Flamenco diva, she swooshes her skirts to and fro and moves mightily, a human incarnation of the bullfighter's cape. Stepping out into the spotlight, she takes command of the floor.

The gentleman appears. Confronting the lady and her powerful presence, they stalk one another, a bullfighter and his cape, as he makes grand attempts to tame her. Again and again they valiantly challenge one another, and in the end, someone will win.

If you're not yet familiar with the high drama of the Paso Doble, do not despair. We aim to provide here a crash-course on the intricacies of this ultra-fast Latin dance. While it may or may not be in your own personal repertoire, it's always helpful to know what's what in the wonderful world of ballroom dance.

Paso Doble translates as 'double step,' referencing its relentless marching motion. Distilled to its simplest definition, it is a dance that tells the ancient story of the Spanish Bullfight. The gentleman acts as the matador, while the lady typically embodies the bullfighter's cape. Only rarely does she play the charging bull. 

Paso Doble's modern form is thought to have emerged from southern France in the 1930's. With origins as a Spanish military march which is still performed in parts Spain today, the Paso Doble has elements of both Spanish and French marches. The names of steps are often in French, but the story is entirely Spanish.

Perhaps no other partner dance turns on the quality of showmanship quite like the Paso Doble. Not only does its theater rely heavily upon highly choreographed routines, exacting dance technique and strong narrative skill, but the sweeping movements can easily take up an entire ballroom of space. As such, this one is not in high demand at social dances. Whether as witness or participant, Paso Doble brings out the star in all of us!

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