Ballroom Dancing: 10 Reasons it’s an Ideal First Date


You've worked up the nerve to ask that certain someone out, but now you want to plan the perfect first date. First dates can be nerve-racking, but ballroom dancing can take the pressure off first-date nerves for a number of reasons! 

  1. You're looking for something new to do: meeting up for coffee or grabbing a drink at a bar is over done these days.  Ballroom dancing is the perfect answer! Most likely, you'll both be beginners, and can try it out together.  

  2. Learning something new is the perfect icebreaker for two people who are just getting to know each other.

  3. You'll both be dressed nicely for the occasion, so you'll be putting your best foot (pun intended) forward. 

  4. Which leads to point number four: if you're looking for an excuse to buy new outfit, this is the perfect scenario! 

  5. Having an active date can help build an appetite for dinner afterwards, in order to keep the fun going!

  6. Ballroom dancing can also help you see how your date performs under pressure. It's a learning experience, not just with the dancing, but learning about each other. 

  7. We all know it's tough when you're sitting down to dinner with one other person and you run into a pause in the conversation. Having other people around, also learning ballroom dancing with you, can alleviate or prevent any moments of awkward silence.

  8. Even if your date ends up not being a perfect match, you'll still have the skills that you learned in dance class to use with the person who does end up being the right fit for you!

  9. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Being able to laugh at yourself as you try new things will inevitably lighten the mood and show off your fun side!

  10. It might just become a fun new hobby, that can grow with you, as you grow as a couple! 

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