Top Health Benefits Associated with Ballroom Dancing

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Top Health Benefits Associated with Ballroom Dancing

Though ballroom dancing isn't quite considered a sport in the traditional sense like basketball or tennis, the health benefits provided are still tangible. It's much less physical and low impact compared to most exercises, so it's more likely to leave you free from any serious dings or heavy sores. And best of all, it's fun!

So with that, here are some top reasons why ballroom dancing is great for keeping healthy, in-shape and full of radiance:


Building endurance encompasses several things, but generally speaking, it means you're able to stay physically active for longer periods of time. Ballroom dancing keeps you on your feet, working muscles you didn't even know you had while burning calories listening to fabulous music!

Increases Flexibility

Ballroom dancing requires a nimble and graceful touch that requires a lot of bending, dipping and contorting. In order to achieve this level of pliability, most dancers will stretch before and after practice and performance to get loose. 

Builds a Strong Heart

Hobbies that keep you active like ballroom dancing, if done regularly, can strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure and help to diminish a high cholesterol-count. 

Mental Health

Not everyone considers mental health when getting involved in a hobby, but the camaraderie and enjoyment that ballroom dancing provides can be a great way to get you smiling, laughing and sharing a wonderful, intimate and fun experience with your dance partner. Also, the impact of exercise on stress has been well documented.

Ballroom dancing can offer a world of benefit, both physically and mentally. If you'd like to learn more please visit us here or contact us to start today.